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priority recheck

January 4, 2017

Sometimes I sit on my couch watching TV. Crazy, right? Sometimes a sudden thought pops into my head, and I rush to my bag to grab my laptop. This is about the latter.

My relationship priorities are all out of whack.

Belief: Romantic relationships are the most important relationships.

Truth: My relationship with Christ is the most important relationship.

Truth Part II: I’m not in a romantic relationship. My family and friends come in right after Jesus.

Why is that so stinkin’ hard to remember? This Fall I spent countless hours thinking about my desire to be married, and maybe 10 hours praying, studying scripture, or just plain ‘ol thinking about God.

My priorities are completely out of sync with the truth. Regardless of how I spend my time, Jesus remains the most important person in my life. My family has stuck with me for over 32 years. My longest friend has been with me for 18 years. My closest friends have been with me for 14 years. Heck, my residency in the state of Minnesota has lasted more than 8x longer than any romantic relationship I’ve been part of (love you, MN).

I want my time – including my thought life – to reflect the correct priority. So, I’m setting a goal for the week: Get up at 6am (not just set the alarm for 6am, but actually get up!), get ready for the day, and spend a half-hour with Jesus, my Bible, and my journal.

Where are your relational priorities? What can you do to make your daily life better reflect the truth?

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