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focus on the positive

January 2, 2017


I tend to focus on the negative experiences of my life. I create best when I’m in a melancholy state of mind, so that’s where I tend to live.

I’m over it.

The start of the new year gives me an opportunity to reset my thinking. No longer will I focus on the negative experiences of 2016 and earlier. I’m going to focus on the positive. I have a ton going for me, and, while it will be quite a change of thinking, it’s the perfect time to go for it.

So, what am I looking forward to in the first few months of 2017?

  • Going full keto for one month – losing weight, battling diabetes, and taking hold of a healthy lifestyle!
  • Visiting a friend in Nashville for 5 days. Music, BBQ, and whiskey – it doesn’t get much better than that!
  • The arrival of my MIDI controller and learning MainStage. Time to start writing music again!
  • Cigars with friends. Lots of cigars with friends.

What are you going to focus on in 2017? What fun events do you have coming up? Large or small, they’re all an opportunity to have fun!

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