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Love = Risk

October 18, 2016


Love. Trust. Vulnerability requires more.


They are inextricably linked. One cannot exist without the other.


noun \ˈrisk\
: the possibility that something bad or unpleasant (such as an injury or a loss) will happen
: someone or something that may cause something bad or unpleasant to happen

Trust is risk.

Love is risk.

So why do we do it?

We’re built for vulnerability. We are created for it. We long to be known. We long to let people into the most precious recesses of our hearts. Deep inside we know we hate our secrets. The darkest parts of us crave the light of relationship.

So we go on a date. We act silly. We kiss. We fall in love. And the whole time we know we’re putting ourselves at risk. We willingly hold our heart out for another to take. And, more often than not, our heart is damaged. We’re rejected outright. Perhaps our heart is squeezed, and we’re able to pull it back in time to avoid destruction. Worse still, someone can decide to accept the gift of our heart without holding theirs out in return. They claim our heart for months, even years, without truly offering theirs to us. Oh, they’ll claim they have, yet our hands remain empty, theirs tightly clinching both hearts with no intention of letting go.

So we walk away, devastated, wondering how we could be so wrong.

That is risk.

Do I regret it? Nope. Does it hurt like crazy? Sure does.

Why do we subject ourselves to it? I have no idea.

I know, I know. “We can only truly be known by Jesus.” Yeah, I get that. I’ve said it before. But right now I don’t feel it. I know the only way to fill the void risk left is to give it to Jesus. And I’m doing that, moment by moment. In my worst moments I ignore it and hope the pit in my stomach goes away. At my best I can open up my journal and scribble out a quick prayer.

For now, I sit in the void left by risk.

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