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25% in 25 Days

November 5, 2015


These are the Gauci’s.  They’re wonderful, passionate, and they’re on a journey to Papua New Guinea! As children’s home parents they have the special task to care for the children of translators as their parents spend time in remote villages working on their specific language projects.  Their position will allow the children to have continued access to quality education and a stable and supportive home environment while their parents are in the field.

Now, taking on such an incredible task costs quite a bit of money.  They’re currently partnering with people who love them, children, and Bible translation.  These partners have contributed 78% of their monthly budget and about 75% of their launch fund (funds necessary to purchase flights and transition their lives to the other side of the world).

That’s where you come in!  If you’re passionate about these children, Bible translation, or the people of Papua New Guinea, would you consider partnering with them?  Heck, you’d be partnering with me, too!

Check out their website here.  Check out the Wycliffe website here.  Pray.  And give!

Thank you!

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