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February 26, 2015

We’ve hit that point of the winter where I begin questioning my sanity.  Minnesota?  Career?  Music?  Blah.  I just want to be warm!  The family trip to Disney World was fantastic, but it seemed to drain more than energize.  I came back tired – fulfilled, but exhausted.

Each year I try to find a different perspective on the season of Lent, a fresh view on the oft overplayed Easter morning sermon (If I hear “Sunday’s coming!” one more time I may puke).  But, just like my foggy, winterized mind, I’m struggling to find something fresh.  So, I ask you, dear readers, what are you pondering as we begin the season of Lent?  What does Jesus mean to you in the time leading up to Easter?  How do you process the coming celebration in light of the reason it was needed?  Let’s have a discussion.  Let’s experience Easter together this year.

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  1. Beth permalink
    February 27, 2015 3:50 pm

    I tell ya, picking something to give up for lent always seems so dumb in light of what Christ did for me. Like giving up something can even begin cover it or even make me feel differently, or rather change me. It’s not the thing given up that does anything for me really. So this year, I’m choosing to not give up something, but rather to give in to something. Give in to the daily thoughts of the full truth of what Jesus did on the Cross for me. Giving in to all the truths I read in my bible about who I am in Christ and the promises He’s given us… Give in to accept every ounce of love the Father has for me even when I fail miserably at being “good enough”, when we all know that’s not even possible. So this year I’m taking it ALL in. Remembering it all and everyday I’m taking my thanksgiving to the Lord and leaning into Him with all the fervor that I can in praise of what He’s done for me. I’m saved only because of Him, His love for me and His taking my place on the cross.

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