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Out In the Cold: 7 Days of Homelessness

January 21, 2015

Minnesota winters get cold… dangerously cold.  So, where do all the homeless people go?  How do they function?  How do they survive?  My good friend JD is bringing awareness to this oft overlooked group by creating a documentary.  The thing is, he’s not just walking around filming homeless folks with Starbucks in his hand and heading back to his heated bed.  No, he’ll enter their reality, spending a week with them, out in the cold.

I don’t often post appeals for money (at least now that I’m not a missionary!), and I don’t get behind a lot of projects, simply because there are too many to count.  But I know JD’s heart, and I believe in his ability to tell a compelling story.  Please check out his IndieGoGo page, and, if you can, give.

Out in the Cold

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