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Hopeful Desperation: Silence

April 19, 2014

Day 7


The silence is deafening.

No one wants to say it.  They can’t bring themselves to do so.

Jesus… their rabbi… their friend… their hope… is dead.

They watched him walk to the hill… lay down on the cross… writhe in pain with each pound of the hammer… his flesh and tendons slowly rip apart with each labored breath…

The stone rolled in front of the tomb…

It is finished…

“What do we do now?”

“This can’t be it… how can he be dead?”

“Will the Pharisees come after us, too?”

These eleven men had given up everything they had to follow Jesus.  Their lives, their families, their friends, all left behind for the opportunity to spend 100% of their time learning from him.  Now they find themselves huddled together, fearing for their lives.

There was no Sunday.  Just death…




I often find myself acting like it’s Saturday.  I act as if hope no longer exists.  I go about my life in a daze, letting my passions guide my thoughts and choices.  But that isn’t reality.  I know what happens on Sunday.  Christ is alive and well, ruling over death and sin, knowing full well it doesn’t say the last word about me..  The disciples, they didn’t know.  I mean, they should have picked up on the whole “I’ll tear down the temple and rebuild it in three days” thing Jesus kept talking about.  I can see him slapping Peter upside the head, saying, “Keep up, Pete, you’re going to run this ship someday!”  He barely stopped short of saying, “Let me tell you a parable about the time I’m going to die for your sins.”  But the fact is, they didn’t have 2,000 years of story and tradition.  They didn’t have the New Testament.  “Hey, look at that, verse eighteen says he’ll be back!”

I know about Sunday.  I have a 1500+ page book that talks all about the God who loved me so much he died for me.  I have verse upon verse I can refer to, verses that tell me exactly who I am in Christ, and the hope that bursts forth from the events of that weekend so many years ago.

But the disciples, they were devastated.  On Saturday, there is no hope.

Jesus is gone….

Love lost…

Death won…

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