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Hopeful Desperation: Connection

April 16, 2014

Day 4We know a lot about the week leading up to Jesus’ death.  We know he kicked people out of the temple on Monday, and gave the Pharisees a piece of his mind on Tuesday.  But the Bible says nothing about Wednesday.  Not a word.  That surprises me.  I mean, how could we not know what happened during an entire day?  Don’t we know everything about that week?

Jesus was about to suffer the most excruciating physical and emotional pain imaginable.  So, what did he do on his day off?

I bet he spent it with his friends.

Maybe they got up early (Jesus doesn’t strike me as the sleeping-in type) and went to Peter’s favorite fishing spot.  “This is the honey hole, Jesus, we’ll catch monsters over here!”  Maybe they took a stroll around Jerusalem, finding John’s favorite fruit stand.  “Jesus, you’ve got to try these pomegranates, we had them all the time when I was a kid!”  Perhaps they went to see Thomas’ favorite band.  “These guys have a killer lyre player!”

After a fun day with his guys, I bet he went over to his folks’ house for dinner.  His mom made something simple – one of his favorites – and of course his dad had to tell the story about the time they left him at the temple.  “You should have seen the look on your mother’s face when she realized you weren’t with us!”

I wonder if he told them what was going to happen in two days…

Would you?  I don’t know if I could.  But could I bear seeing my mother told the news by someone else?

She’d weep.  She wouldn’t understand.  His dad probably wouldn’t either.  Yet, if they knew nothing else in the world, they knew God was faithful.  After all, he brought their child to them in the first place.  Now he was a man… a prophet… healing people and raising them from the dead.  But he was still their little Jesus…

I wonder if he cried that night, knowing what they would have to see…

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