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Pending Hope – Anticipating Holy Week

April 10, 2014



I find that the creative juices flow most freely when I’m feeling down and introspective.  Is that true for you writers out there?  I like to write about joy, but, honestly, I feel like my writing is too formulaic when the topic is happiness and joy.  I suppose I fall into the classic “melancholy artist” category.  I feel deeply.  For a long time I thought this was a bad thing.  “I have Jesus, I should be happy!” I thought.  I don’t think Jesus was always happy.  In fact, I wonder if he was even happy most of the time.  He felt the weight of the world, the sin of everyone he knew (and countless others he didn’t).  That’s pretty heavy.

I bet Jesus would be cool with somber writers.  I bet he’d hang with the quiet artists sitting in indie coffee shops, chatting about whether or not he’d actually try kopi luwak.  He has his share of depressing stories.  But context, of course, is everything.  I easily lose sight of the joy that is always linked with the sadness of Christ’s journey.  There’s always a purpose at the center of each parable, each healing, even his death.

And so, I continue to write.  I let myself slip into the depths of desperation, feeling what my subject would feel, pondering the decisions I’d make if I found myself in the same situations.

That’s what I’ve done with my upcoming Holy Week series, “Hopeful Desperation.”  I want to explore what Jesus really felt as his final week with his disciples progressed and (seemingly) fell apart.  I hope you’ll join me by contributing to the conversation.  It’s one that’s been going on for thousands of years.  Let’s burrow into this together.

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