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A Time to Reflect

November 21, 2012

On a hot, humid, stormy morning in southern China I found myself in a fairly unique position: standing on a platform in front of 150 students and parents, giving an invitation to believe in and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  My palms were sweaty, and I stumbled over my words a bit as the weight of this task washed over me.  As I began to pray, I saw a student, a teenage guy, kneeling and praying with me.  His parents, standing directly over him, were yelling at him, obviously frustrated.  Through an interpreter, I learned that they were threatening him, saying “You are a Buddhist!  We will kick you out of our home!”  I just stood there, completely shocked by what I was seeing.  I assumed that would be the end of it.  Surprisingly, I watched as he turned around, looked up at them, and said, “I am not a Buddhist; I am a Christian!”  That student, along with 10 others, invited Christ into their lives that morning.

Growing up in Orange County, CA, I never thought I would get to see extreme poverty around the world.  And I’m not just talking about economic poverty, but spiritual poverty as well.  China is a spiritually dark place.  Ancestor worship can be found everywhere, and statues of Buddha are in every home and business.  The darkness is tangible, and, at times, felt like it was physically gripping me, beckoning me to stop preaching the Gospel.

This is the ministry you have been supporting throughout the year.  Your sacrifice has such obvious and practical results, literally changing lives for all of eternity!

This fall I am working feverishly to plan next summer’s teams, including a brand new program for college students called “Off Campus.”  I will be co-leading this team, and have already talked with a number of college students craving this opportunity.


And I never want to stop.


Financially, this has been a pretty rough year.  As a support-raising missionary I’ve learned to ride the ebb and flow of the donations that are received.  However, there are some very great needs that still need to be met.

I need your help.  I have outstanding bills totaling $3200.  So, I am looking for 11 people to help me out with a special year-end gift of $200.  However, any amount is greatly appreciated.

As always, all gifts are tax-deductible for this year as long as they are received by December 31st.

People around the world are depending on us to bring the Gospel to them.  With your help, I can start off the new year released from financial burden and free to carry the message of Christ to those desperately in need of the hope it brings.



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