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Kingdom Laughter

February 28, 2012

I think about the concept of the Kingdom of God quite a bit. For whatever reason, the idea of what is, and what will be, in terms of God’s rule, is fascinating to me.

Many of the resources on the topic are pretty intense.  They talk a lot about how the rule will come about, and the theological implications of the “already/not yet” paradigm.  But I had a thought the other day…

What is the role of laughter in the Kingdom?

I’m not talking about joy here, because joy is so much more than mere happiness.  I’m talking about plain ‘ol laughter.  Laughter with friends.  Laughter at old memories.  Laughter brought on by the remembrance of our former, flawed selves, now redeemed and renewed through Christ.

I’m sure it will be there.  Some of the most vivid memories I have are due to the laughter involved.  Like the time a few buddies and I were sitting in the green room at church, playing Settlers of Catan, speaking in British accents, and listening to a Settlers theme song recorded by one of the guys.  It was ridiculous.  It can’t be recreated.  And it was hilarious.

Why don’t we associate fun with the Kingdom of God?  After all, He created us to experience the pleasure of a relationship with Himself, and to enjoy relationship with others.  I don’t know about you, but I value laughter far more than sadness.  Laughter will last.  Sadness, Scripture promises us, will pass; even its memory will eventually fade away.

I want to value these times of laughter, because they reflect a greater truth about the Kingdom than my sadness.  They show a side of the Creator we rarely acknowledge – He enjoys us.  He enjoys that He pleases us.  He loves when we step into the happiness He wants us to find in Him and each other.

So, let’s get on board.  Let’s seek out times of laughter.  Let’s seek out redemptive happiness with friends, because Christ has enabled us to reflect His Kingdom in doing so.

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