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Remembering the Goodness of God

February 21, 2012

A while back I started doing something new while reading my Bible:  When I encounter a truth or promise that speaks into a specific situation, something that is very real and present at the time, I’ll write the date right there next to the verse.  Now that it’s been a few years, I’m starting to come back to some of the same passages, and I get the opportunity to reflect on the situations I’ve been through.

What strikes me is just how vivid the memories of these situations are.  Broken relationships, struggling to find my identity, it’s all there.  Heck, I can even tell exactly when I quit my job and started raising support as a missionary just from the verses that are dated!

I read one of these dated verses today.  Psalm 54:4 – “Behold, my God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life.”  I honestly can’t remember why I dated this verse on March 9th of last year.  But it speaks to me again, now, in a new situation, a new leg of my journey in which I’m struggling to determine my place in a new calling, a new mission.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, or have heard me speak before, you know I’m big on altars, ways of remembering God’s goodness.  You know about my life verse, Psalm 27:13, and the hope I have to see God’s goodness and the arrival of His Kingdom now.  Keeping a record of God’s movement in my life is a way of remembering, and, eventually, celebrating His goodness throughout my existence.

The struggles I experienced have been redeemed.  Though I couldn’t see it at the time, I now see how God used those times in my life to refine me, grow my character, and prepare me for the next phase of His plan for me.

One day I won’t have to be reminded.  One day I won’t forget.  That is the hope I have.

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  1. March 9, 2012 11:24 am

    Great thoughts! Love the blog

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