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February 14, 2012

I’ll be honest, I’m not surprised very often when I volunteer on the Prayer Team at church.  Not many people come forward for post-service prayer, and when they do, it’s pretty standard; “The sermon impacted me, and I want someone to pray with me about it.”  (okay, I know this is sounding pretty cynical, but hang with me here).

This weekend, I was surprised.  Someone came up for prayer, a woman with whom I have prayed a few times in the past.  She walked up with a great big smile and said, “I’m feeling really thankful, I want to offer up a prayer of thanks!”

I almost didn’t know what to say!

She took my hands in hers, and started thanking the Father for our church, her family (who recently started going to church together for the first time ever!), and the goodness of God in her life.

How cool is that!?

She inspires me to be more thankful.  I want to recognize God’s goodness in my life.  The bad stuff is so easy to focus on, and it’s so easy to lift up a prayer when I’m out of money or sick.  How much more intentional must I be in order to not only recognize what God is doing in my life, but actually seek out people with whom to share it?

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  1. Jesi permalink
    February 14, 2012 10:24 pm

    Prayer Team is AWESOME! I am repeatedly amazed by the way God works when I am up front at EBC. This evening I got together with two people I met up front that had come down for prayer, they are now both very good friends. And, when I saw them coming forward, God spoke to me and told me they would be a part of my life. I just love being a part of the Prayer Team and am constantly amazed by when God does up there…

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