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February 6, 2012

I’m not the biggest fan of junior highers.  There, I said it.  It’s good to get that off my chest.

This weekend I played at the Ignite! junior high leadership conference.  I was definitely excited, but wasn’t sure what to expect from a junior high conference.  Let me tell ya, these students get it.  They were crazy, and a little “off-the-wall,” but they worshiped their hearts out, and really took the teaching to heart.  Here are two things that stuck out to me:

1) After the Saturday morning worship set, the organizer of the event approached us, and told a story about a conversation he had the previous night with one of the students.  This gal had almost broken down in front of her small group, confused and desperate to be able to truly worship God.  She felt like there was some sort of barrier keeping her from really experiencing worship.  Well, that morning, she said she was able to worship God whole-heartedly, probably for the first time in her life.  When the organizer shared this with us (the band), we were completely overwhelmed that God would use us to break through to this student in such a profound way.

2) I have never seen a more grateful group of students in my entire life.  We were constantly being thanked for leading worship, and there was a constant crowd of people around the conference speaker, thanking him for traveling to share with them, and caring about their development.  And these were junior highers!  So cool

I’m so privileged to do what I do.

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