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A Revelation of Community

February 3, 2012

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Last night I was able to hang out with a bunch of pretty awesome dudes.  We played a game of Pandemic, realized that learning how to play “Settlers Geographies: Germany” would take too much time, listened to some sweet new music, and sat in the hot tub for almost an hour.  Pretty typical night with the guys.  What struck me was this: All the guys were from my church.

I’ve been blessed with some amazingly close and deep friendships.  A few of them started on my first day in Minnesota, almost 10 years ago.  We have lived together, road-tripped together, and walked through some pretty intense stuff.  All together.  All in community.  All with depth of conviction, and a healthy dose of completely ridiculous guy stuff, including but not limited to:

  • blowing up porto-potties
  • gorging ourselves at Fogo de Chao
  • paintballing (in less than legal places, including our apartment)
  • road-tripping to Colorado (and filming every minute of it)
  • running through doors
  • firing roman candles at people in the showers

We’ve also been through a lot of things together:

  • weddings
  • funerals
  • miscarriages
  • broken engagements
  • surgeries

But that’s what community is.  It’s about doing life together.  It’s about goofing off, and digging into the tough things of life.  It’s about addressing all aspects of life together, and urging one another to view and respond to those things in light of Christ’s sacrifice.  We are sharpening each other, helping one another reflect the life of Christ more and more, every day.

Quite a revelation from a simple night with the guys.

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