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January 11, 2012

On Monday night I had the pleasure of meeting a man named Daniel.  Daniel is an Eritrean, and fled here during the war between his people and the Ethiopians about ten years ago.  He shared a lot about that experience, and the current political state of affairs in his home country.  He even has the opportunity to go back for the first time this summer!

While describing some of his experiences, he said something that had a profound effect on me:

“Here, it is easy to become a doctor.  It is easy to become a teacher.  You have everything need to do it; school; teachers; universities.  It is easy.”

How often do I complain about the difficulty of achieving growth?  How often am I overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do?  How often do I forget that I live in the easiest country in which to live?

I’m lazy.  I don’t want to work hard.  But I want to achieve greatness.  And I’m not alone.  We’re all pretty apathetic around this country.  I think we should take a few cues from my new Eritrean friend, along with countless others who have come to our nation seeking freedom and success, and come to terms with how easy we have it.

And let’s get out there and make a difference.
Let’s try to make our lives a little harder.

And I’m not talking about writing an extra check.

Let’s volunteer.
Let’s give of ourselves.
Let’s acknowledge the presence of our fellow human beings by affirming their existence, and doing our best to improve it.

That’s what Jesus did.

What am I doing?

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