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My Fat Equals Lame – January 9th, 2012

January 9, 2012

Well, I had some pretty great successes this week.  I did cardio 4 times, for a total of 125 minutes, which was my goal.  I also started keeping track of everything I eat and drink, even the Diet Dr. Pepper, my new addiction.  Now, I exceeded my target caloric intake (2,000 calories/day) 4 times, which is no good.  Three of the days I exceeded it by a ridiculous amount (thank you, Pizza Hut, Baja Sol, and my complete lack of control).  This all led to a loss of 1 pound.  I was hoping for a couple more, but, given some struggles, I’m please with any loss.

So, this week my goal is to exceed the goal only once, but to plan it in.  I think it will be important for me to allow myself one meal each week in which I don’t have to be overwhelmingly concerned with calories.  Note I don’t say “completely unconcerned.”  I will need to adjust the day’s intake accordingly, limiting the other two meals and snacks throughout the day, to minimize the impact of the “free” meal.

So, this week, that meal will be dinner on Friday night.  I’m heading over to have dinner and watch movies at the house of some good friends.  What movies, you ask?  The three original Star Wars movies.  On a brand new 55″ LED 3D TV.  I’m salivating just typing it.  And who wants to experience something like that without nachos or perhaps a slice of pizza?  Luckily, one of the friends is also on a weight-loss journey (and has lost 65 pounds so far!), so we won’t be going crazy.

What are you doing this week to increase your health and wellness?

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