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Freetown Musings, Part II

September 2, 2011

[Okay, this one’s a bit raw, but I still feel it would make a worthwhile post.  I hope it gives you a glimpse into the internal struggle many of us had as we experienced the poverty and injustice in Freetown…]


The men at Remand House have been there for years.  They get very little food.  They are literally wasting away.  They missed their court dates last week because they had no money to buy fuel for the vehicle.  One of them choked a man to death.  Shouldn’t he rot?  Should anyone care?  What about this poor boy’s soul?  What of his eternity?




Lord, where is your justice?  I don’t see it at this house.  I don’t see it in Freetown.  Why was I born in America?  Why not Sierra Leone?  Am I so worthy of blessing?  Of course not.  But still I wonder… why am I blessed while my brother in Freetown is cursed?

But is he really cursed?  Can he not find you in the middle of Freetown?  Is Kroo Bay beyond your salvation?  Is there hope for them?

I wonder if they even allow themselves to hope.  Or perhaps that’s the only thing they can do…

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  1. September 2, 2011 10:25 pm

    Wow. Brutal question.

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