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Short-Term Missions, Anyone?

August 31, 2011

Occasionally I receive e-mails from the Lausanne Movement, a group consisting of Christian leaders around the world who are committed to world evangelization.  In today’s e-mail I read a pretty fantastic article titled “Was Jesus A Short Term Missionary?” in which the author essentially responds to the question “Is there a point to short-term missions?”  Check out the article here.  It’s definitely worth your time!

Let’s start a conversation – Have you ever participated in a short-term missions trip?  What impact did you have on the local Christian community?    What did you gain from the experience as a Christ-follower?

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  1. Jackie permalink
    August 31, 2011 8:27 pm

    I have been on two mission trips – both to Ukraine. We went there to help 3 different towns with day camps for elementary aged kids during the day and then we did youth camp at night for teens.
    The impact we had on the local Christian community happened a couple of different ways. First and foremost we were there to just help – in whatever was needed of us. During the day camps we just acted as support and helped with snack, art projects, object lessons and sports games, while the kids and their leaders used the curriculum that they had through Love Lift Ukraine.
    The youth night was put on by our team so we asked key leaders in the community what the youth struggle with and then we each came up with a theme to talk about. We impacted the youth by sharing not only biblical ideas and truths with them, but also personal stories of our own.
    We were able to share Christs love with the people and kids we met as well as be serve them in whatever was needed.
    I gained a lot from my experiences and some of it I can’t even put into the right words still. I know that we learned from each other and shared the common bond of knowing and living in Christ’s truth, grace, mercy and love. I learned alot from the lifestyle that was in Ukraine. While others would look at what they had and think that they don’t have as much as Americans do, in my eyes they had so much more than what I have and it centers around relationships and the depth they go and how they hold each other accountable to a degree most Christians I know are not comfortable with. It’s been 3 and 4 years since I have been to Ukraine and I miss the relationships I made with the people I spent time with while I was there. I also look forward to going on other mission trips in the future.

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