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An Odd Dream

August 30, 2011

Last night I had a pretty intense dream.  No, it wasn’t the one where I’m eating a giant marshmallow, wake up, and my pillow is gone.  No, this one was a bit more significant (messed up GI tract notwithstanding).

I’m in a hotel room, frantically trying to clean the place up before heading to the airport.  There’s crap everywhere.  A ton of cosmetics, actually.  Don’t ask me, I have no idea (really, I don’t).  Junk is spread all over the table, dresser, bed, and floor, so much that I have to stretch my arm across the furniture and sweep the stuff into a giant trash bag.  The clock reads 5:39pm, and my flight leaves at 7:10pm.

                                                                              Not much time.

I’m starting to freak out, sweating as I run across the room to grab another trash bag.  After a few minutes of this I realize I need to take a shower before leaving. (No one likes a sweaty seat-mate on an Airbus.)  I run into the bathroom, take a 2-minute Royal Servants shower (the kind of shower you take when there’s no hot water and your team is leaving for a remote village in 10 minutes), and jump out.  Most of the junk is gone, and I see a maid leaving the room.  I clean up a few more things, and I leave.


This one’s been haunting me since I woke up.  5 hours.  And since I don’t have a plane to catch, I’ve taken some time to think about what it could mean.  Usually the one’s that stick with you actually mean something, in my experience, at least, and I seriously doubt it was a Sierra Leone flashback (our hotel wasn’t nearly that nice).  I think the junk all around the room represents people, and my frantic running around is an effort to lead them to Christ.  I think God is calling me to a movement, one that involves a lot of changed lives (still waiting on the dream that explains what that movement is!).  The thing is, when I darted into the shower, when I wasn’t actually cleaning the room but cleaning myself, that’s when the majority of the work was done.  The maid – I’m presuming Christ or the Holy Spirit – did all the work I was working to become more like Christ (clean, washed, whatever word will best continue the analogy).

I’ll be honest.  I’ve been struggling quite a bit since returning from overseas earlier this month.  I’ve become relaxed, comfortable, and, frankly, lazy.  I’ve let old habits settle back into my routine and my thought-life leaves much to be desired.  It is only when I begin to cleanse myself of these unhealthy, destructive habits that God will use me to do an incredible work, something beyond anything I could ask for or imagine.  The question is this: Will I step into the shower?  Will I be obedient to God’s command – and this vision – and begin living like a child of the King?

What is keeping you from stepping into God’s crazy vision for your life?  Is it a destructive habit?  Is it lust?  Is it the daily stop at McDonald’s?  Is it the harsh way in which you discipline your kids?  How willing are you to step into the shower and be cleansed?  God is waiting to change the face of this world, and He wants to use you.  Will you do what it takes to let Him?

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  1. smchargue permalink
    August 30, 2011 10:21 am

    Great thoughts….am I willing to let the God of the Universe clean me up and make me more like him or am I going to try to keep doing it myself? Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. September 1, 2011 2:21 pm

    Great post Clay! Thanks for sharing your dream and God’s gentle revelation through it!

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