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Thoughts from the Hay Field – Part I

June 13, 2011

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive down to Kansas City to pick up the students from the Kairos Discipleship School and bring them back up here to Training Camp.  The drive was beautiful, and I was even able to add a new state to my list of visitations – Missouri.  We arrived in KC around midnight last night, and didn’t get much sleep before our 5am wake-up call.  But, I was surprised by how eager I was to start the day.  At 5:50am the students began to arrive to pack the bus, but all I saw were college-aged students whose lives are going to be changed this summer.  These students will be staff disciplers, leading groups of 2-3 students and pouring into their lives over the next 6-8 weeks.  My two guys will be heading to Sierra Leone, and, after experiencing the realities of life in Africa, they’ll likely never be the same again, nor will their students.

I’m pretty overwhelmed by the reality that this is my job now.  Full time.  For the next 8 weeks my entire focus is on enabling these disciplers to minister to their students, and draw these students toward Jesus.  They’re eager to get going, and I can’t wait!

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