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Training Camp: Week 1

June 10, 2011

Well folks, week 1 of Training Camp is just about in the books.  We’ve had quite the week, let me tell ya.  It all began last Saturday, when we met at the Reign office at 5:40am to assemble the TC Convoy.  We then made the 4-hour drive to our new Training Camp land in Pardeeville, WI to drop off a load of supplies, and pick up others.  Then we set out on the 5-hour trek to Lewistown, IL to begin setting up camp.

Sunday morning we were greeted by our first round of thunderstorms (an appropriate welcome after last summer’s deluge of water), after which we set to work.  For the next 3 days we put up staff tents, erected to “Family Tarps” (team meeting areas), and, the big one, known only as the “Big Top” – a massive tent used for all camp meetings once the students arrive.

The last couple days have been a bit more low-key.  We’ve hit up Dairy Dream (the local ice cream parlor), Walmart, and even packed out the movie theater to see the new X-Men movie.  The fellowship here is amazing, as staff from around the country gather together once again to prepare the hay field.

Tomorrow the first team arrives  – the Nehemiah team, made up of alumni that were invited back this year to travel to Israel and learn vital leadership skills (and the team on which I traveled back in 2002!), along with the rest of the assistant leaders.  Things will continue to ramp up each day from here on out, culminating on student arrival day on June 25th!

If you’re the praying type, here are a few things for which I’d love a little extra prayer!

  • I’ll be driving down to Kansas City on Sunday to pick up the Kairos Discipleship School students for Training Camp.  Please pray for safe travel and great conversations as we bring even more students to the field.
  • This week we’ll start planning the practical aspects of the team (forming small groups, teaching schedules, reading through student applications/biographies, etc.).  Please pray for wisdom as we prepare.
  • The weather has been pretty crazy around here lately, going from the upper 90s and humid during the day to wild stormy nights.  Please pray for it to mellow out a bit so we don’t have to worry about it in the midst of our prep time.


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