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Want to know what Clayton’s up to this summer?

June 2, 2011

Okay, so there won’t be any elephants in Sierra Leone, but I couldn’t help but include an iconic African picture in this e-mail!
Over the last several weeks many of you have asked whether or not I’ll be sending e-mail updates while I’m gone.  Well, the answer is yes and no.  I will be able to provide updates while I’m at Training Camp down in Illinois, as I’ll have cell phone coverage and occasional internet access.  Facebook is the primary way I’ll be able to share bits and pieces about Training Camp, team pictures, and a play-by-play of all our shenanigans as we prepare to head overseas.  So, if we’re not currently “friends” on Facebook, let’s remedy that – click the link to the left and add me as one of your friends!

Communication from Sierra Leone is a bit more tricky.  As a leadership team we will be providing weekly updates to our home office here in Minneapolis that will then be posted on the Reign website.  So, you can click here to head over to the Royals Servants Sierra Leone team page to read the updates, and even sign up to receive them via e-mail.  I hope to get to an internet cafe from time to time while overseas, but word on the street is that last year most folks had to wait 20 minutes or more just to load the Gmail home page!  So, the Reign website is your best bet for getting updates from us while overseas.

Finally, some have also asked if it’s possible to send notes or packages to me down at Training Camp.  I’d love to hear from you!  Here’s the address:

Royal Servants – Clayton Lott
c/o Living Springs Camp
14253 E Epworth Springs Rd
Lewistown, IL 61542

Team Itinerary

June 4-17 — Reign Staff training and prep
June 18-24 — Staff Discipler Training Camp
June 25-July 4 — Student Training Camp
July 5-7 — Fly to Freetown, Sierra Leone
July 7-25 — Ministry in Freetown
July 26-August 1 — Ministry at Bridge of Hope (orphanage in Bo)
August 1-2 — Fly to London
August 2-6 — Debrief in London
August 6 – Fly home

Thank you so much for your prayer and support this summer.  I can’t wait to share my pictures and crazy stories with you all when I return!

May God bless you this summer!

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