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NHC Biggest Loser – Month 1

January 31, 2011

The January totals are in, and I’m afraid there’s some money in the pot.

Here are the results:

Name              Goal           Actual         Money Owed
Clayton           6lbs             3lbs                   $45
Darius             4lbs             5lbs                    $0
AJ                   3lbs             4lbs                    $0
Bryan              3lbs             3lbs                    $0
Rich                10lbs            5lbs                   $95
Josh                4lbs             8lbs                   $0
Kyle                6lbs              6lbs                   $0
Craig               4lbs             5lbs                   $0

So, $140 goes in the pot.  Josh Martin wins $10 for losing the most weight this month.

Here are the February goals:

Clayton – 6lbs
Darius – 4lbs
AJ – 4lbs
Bryan – 4lbs
Rich – TBD
Josh – TBD
Kyle – TBD
Craig – 5lbs

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  1. Boal permalink
    February 20, 2011 8:00 pm

    Do you have a February update my friend? I know this month has been busy, but want to see how you are doing with a week to go.

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