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Introducing the New Hope Biggest Losers

January 14, 2011

With a new year comes new resolutions.  Everyone wants to lose a little weight after the holidays, but a group of us want to take it further than that.  We want to put some action behind the good intentions.  So, eight guys from New Hope Church have created our own Biggest Loser competition.

Here’s the plan: Each of us will submit a monthly weight-loss goal based on the total amount of weight each of us needs to lose.  The group must approve the goal (for example, I have 112 pounds to lose, so I can’t set a goal of 1 pound because that really doesn’t challenge me, but I also can’t set a goal of 75 pounds because that’s completely unrealistic).  We will conduct weekly weigh-ins on Mondays and post the results to our blogs and Facebook accounts.  This gives us some added public accountability (in addition to the mockery and shame within the group).

You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s the point of setting a goal if there are no consequences for missing it.”  Well, dear reader, there are consequences.  Financial consequences.  If a member misses their goal by one pound, he are fined $10.  If a member misses their goal by two pounds, he is fined $10 for the first pound and an additional $15 for the second pound.  The third pound is $20, and each pound beyond that is $25.  So, for example, if I set a goal of losing ten pounds for the month, and I only lose five, I owe $10 + $15 + $20 + $25 + $25, a total $95.  This is some pretty serious stuff!  All of the money goes into a pot and, after six months, will be split among the members, allowing us to get our money back for a bad month or two.  The member who loses the most amount of weight each month (number of pounds) will get $10 credited to his account.

As you can see, we’re pretty serious about this.  Each of us has attempted to lose weight in the past, even in a group like this one.  But, we felt we needed an extra kick in the pants this time around, and nothing hurts more than a hit to the wallet.

So, what can you do to help us out?  Read this blog!  We’ll be posting our progress each week.  If we’re slowing up and not losing what we committed to losing, mock us, humiliate us, and hey, give us a kick or two.  We all acknowledge we’re fat and need to lose weight.  We want to be healthy for our girlfriends, wives, families, and, ultimately, the Lord.  We’re tired of throwing cheeseburgers into the temple of our bodies.  It’s time to get serious.

Now, without further ado, here are the 2011 New Hope Biggest Losers:

Rich Erickson
Starting Weight: 296
Goal Weight: 215
January Goal: 14



AJ King
Starting Weight: 196
Goal Weight: 175
January Goal: 3



Clayton Lott
Starting Weight: 297
Goal Weight: 185
January Goal: 6



Bryan McWhite
Starting Weight: 224
Goal Weight: 210
January Goal: 3



Darius Teichroew
Starting Weight: 218
Goal Weight: 195
January Goal: 4


Kyle Johnson
Starting Weight: 260
Goal Weight: 225
January Goal: 6



Craig Maart
Starting Weight: 254
Goal Weight: 225
January Goal: 4



Josh Martin
Starting Weight: 249
Goal Weight: 200
January Goal: 4

2 Comments leave one →
  1. stevegoold permalink
    January 14, 2011 3:17 pm

    I’m so proud of Rich for his picture.

    • January 15, 2011 10:34 am

      While he would probably tell you it was something better… It was no Nordeast!

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