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My Fat Equals Lame – Day 112

April 25, 2010

After a couple of, shall we say, “strongly worded” e-mails from friends about a month ago, I’m back on the losing track. I’ve had four consecutive losing weeks, losing as little as .6 pounds, all the way up to 5.6 pounds, in a single week. In the last month I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds, which is huge. I feel like I’m gaining a bit of consistency in this endeavor, which keeps me motivated. I am a creature of habit, so building healthy habits and consistent losing patterns is what keeps me going. This week I lost four pounds. Now, I’ve been sick, so I’m expecting a bit of a rebound on this one, but, I’m doing what I can to ensure that doesn’t happen. I’m officially down to 292.2, which is a total loss of 14.8 since the beginning of my weight loss journey. Doesn’t seem like much, since I’m still hovering near the three century mark, but my mom reminded me of something a while back – Picture 14.8 pounds of ground beef. That’s a ton of meat, right? Not to mention pretty gross. But, that’s what I’ve removed from my body. The health benefits are obvious, and I’m even feeling my pants loosening up a bit, which is a pretty satisfying feeling. My goal for this week is to break the 290 barrier. So, since my scale measures to the nearest .2 of a pound, my goal is to lose 2.4, which will bring me down to 289.2

Thanks again for all of your encouragement and prayer. It really keeps me going!

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  1. jeannie permalink
    April 25, 2010 12:32 pm

    That is awesome Clayton!!!! Ive been wondering about ya! Glad to see this update- hope you are feeling better! Keep up the AWESOME work!

  2. April 27, 2010 4:43 pm

    Awesome! You are doing great!

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