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Forgotten God

January 18, 2010

Today I finished reading Francis Chan’s Forgotten God.  Generally I’d provide some sort of review, telling everyone to go buy it.  But, I really don’t know what to do about this one.  I certainly feel like everyone should read it, because it is a truly amazing book.  However, I’m so challenged by it, and still processing so many thoughts I just don’t even know what to do.  This book has both excited me about what is possible with the Holy Spirit and grieved me by how much I don’t allow myself to be led by Him.
So, I’m going to pray and process more, and perhaps follow up then.  🙂  I’ll close this post by including the pray Chan writes at the end of the book:

Spirit, we know that we have done wrong by You.  Please forgive us for grieving, resisting, and quenching You.  We have resisted You through sin, through our rebellion, and through our hardness of heart.  At times, we have been spiritually blind.  At other times, we knew what You wanted us to do, but we chose to ignore Your promptings.  Yet this is not how we want to live now.

We need You to change us.  Only through You can we truly worship.  Spirit of the Lord, You are the one who brings us to a place where we can worship.  You are the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of holiness, the Spirit of life.  Thank You for the truth, the holiness, and the life You give us.

We need Your wisdom and understanding as we seek to live this life.  Keep us from disbelief, from fear.  We need Your strength to help us do what you are asking us to do and to live how You are asking us to live.  Speak loudly and drown out the other voices calling us to conform to the patterns of this world.

You are the Spirit of self-control and love.  Give us the self-control needed to deny our flesh and follow You.  Give us a love strong enough to motivate courageous action.  Manifest Yourself through us that we may serve and love Your bride, the church, as You do.

Come, Holy Spirit, come.  We don’t know exactly what that means and looks like for each of us yet, in the particular places You’ve called us to inhabit.  But, nonetheless, whatever it means, we ask for Your presence.  Come, Holy Spirit, come. (pp 165-166)

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  1. February 17, 2010 4:42 pm

    Hi, I’ve noticed that you’ve blogged about Forgotten God, by Francis Chan. As you may know, we have just released a Forgotten God DVD Study Resource. Because of your wonderful blog post about the book, I’d like to offer you a free copy of the DVD to review. Please email me your address, and I’d be happy to send it. Thanks!

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