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My Fat Equals Lame – Days 11 & 12

January 16, 2010

Well, yesterday I got home, made some dinner, checked my e-mail, shut down my computer and… forget to post an update.  So, I only spent about 40 minutes at the gym yesterday, on the elliptical, going about 4 miles.  My legs really started to hurt after that, so I decided to bail on the 60 minute treadmill walk and head home.  I had some difficulty eating well last night, but that’s alright.  It comes with the territory, I guess.

This morning I weighed in, and I was down 3.4 lbs. to 295.8.  All the hard work is beginning to pay off!  Now, I just need to keep it up.  I don’t need to lose over 3 lbs. each week, but I do want to be consistent, losing at least 2.  I think I’m laying a pretty good foundation to do so.

I’ve decided to take a couple days of rest, at the suggestion of my trainer.  My legs are really hurting, likely due to the lower body workout on Wednesday, so a couple days of rest will do me good.  I hope to get some racquetball in on either Sunday or Monday. I’ll go ahead and post some weekly and overall totals tomorrow.  Right now, it’s 12:30am and I’m exhausted.  Goodnight, oh faithful blogosphere.

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