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Rock Stars

August 23, 2009

Today I played a wedding with a lot of famous people looking on.  There was a lot of pressure, a lot of preparation, and things ultimately went very well.  But, I was struck by just how normal the whole ceremony was.  Sure, the groom was a well-known dude, but he was still just a giddy groom who got emotional when his bride walked down the aisle, and ran out of the worship center with her in complete ecstasy.  Some folks there were well-known too, but they were just like any other wedding invitee – they were excited to see their friend get married.

I’ve never really understood the whole “starstruck” thing.  I mean, yeah, I get excited when I meet someone influential or “famous,” but, when it comes down to it, they’re just people, who happen to have other people watching them from time to time.

I guess this blog doesn’t really have any point… just some random thoughts with Clayton.

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