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I judge therefore I am… an idiot

July 7, 2009

Last week I saw a guy at work that, for some reason, really annoyed me.  I had never met him, never talked to him… heck, I don’t think I’d ever even seen him before.  He looked weird, probably had some sort of physical disability, and he jumped into the elevator right before the doors were completely shut, delaying the ascent back to my floor.  I didn’t like this guy.  Then, for the twenty seconds (give or take) that we were in the elevator, we had a great chat about how nice of a day it was, and how we didn’t want to go back to work.  He had a great laugh, a huge smile, a obviously just enjoyed life.  He got off on the floor below mine.  As the doors were closing, I felt like a complete ass.  I had judged this guy virtually before I knew he existed, for no reason whatsoever.  The thing is, I’m constantly doing this, and I constantly get put in my place (as God no doubt lets out a chuckle) as I meet one amazing person after another, whom I had previously determined I didn’t like.  I really have to stop in my tracks, see these people through God’s eyes, and make an effort to get to know them, because I must be missing out on interacting with some great people simply because I’m a jerk.

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