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High School Top 5

May 22, 2009

Today I found myself listening to Dashboard Confessional, which immediately brought me back to the early days of high school.  So, I have developed a list of the top five high school-era bands of our generation.

1. Dashboard Confessional

I’d be hard-pressed to maintain an argument against placing Dashboard Confessional at the top of the list.  The song “Brilliant Dance” encapsulates the high school experience, not to mention the fact that Chris Carrabba is so dreamy.

2. Weezer

“Buddy Holly,” “Say It Ain’t So,” “Surf Wax America” – how can they NOT be on the list?  Plus, the 10-track, 27-minute long “Green Album” easily keeps the ADD high-schooler’s attention.

3. Reel Big Fish

Perhaps they made the list simply because I’m from Orange County, but ska certainly dominated the west-coast music scene for a few years.  I even tried to start my own ska band.  Reel Big Fish’s horn section and cute female lead singer made all of us band geeks weak in the knees.

4. Homegrown

A ska-punk crossover, who’s song “Surfer Girl” became our eighth grade anthem.

5. Matchbox 20

No late-90s Top 5 list would be complete without Matchbox 20.  Sure, all their songs sounded the same, but that just means you didn’t have to skip one.  By the way, they’re still around, and still trying to fetch top dollar, even though they’re still writing the same tune over and over again.

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