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It must be Summer, because the crazies are out

May 20, 2009

We stand at the crossroads of Spring and Summer, and that can mean only one thing – the crazies are back out on Nicollet Mall.  Today I passed a man so full of hatred toward the government, that he sat on a bench in front of the USBank building, screaming “F*** THE POLICE!  F*** THE GOVERNMENT THAT STEALS MY RIGHT TO LVIE!”  It was pretty intense.  I’m guessing the police found him, because he wasn’t there when I walked by his spot ten minutes later.

But, here’s the thing – I love the crazies.  I feel at home with the crazies.  I feel like they’re the normal ones, and I’m the crazy.  Me, with my normal life, office job and benefits.  Has this really become the norm?

One woman in particular intrigues me quite a bit.  She walks the sidewalks and skyways, rebuking us cube monkeys for surrendering to the god of money, chasing after “things” instead of people.  My heart wants to walk with her, scream the same thing at passersby.  But, I have to get back to my cube.

I guess I’m just not satisfied with where I’m at.  I don’t particularly like the business world.  I like being out in the world, not in my cubicle, hoping no one stops by so I can get my 1:1 guide prepared.  But, God has me where He has me, and He is providing abundantly, teaching me how to give, and how to love the people whom He has entrusted to me.

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